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Digital Menu Boards
Digital Menu boards are a great tool to brand your business and improve the restaurant experience.

Increase Sales

Digital Menu Boards are a high point of sale (POS) tool for your establishment.
They will help upsell your products and increase the customers' spend on your business. People tend to buy food by how tasty and delicious it looks. These boards motivate your customers to keep the images and messages in their minds before making the purchase, therefore, increasing sales.

Modernize your establishment

It is always good to give a new fresh look to your establishment.
The appealing look of your business is very important for your customers. You do not want your customers to be bored eating and drinking at your place. Enhancing your site with images and messages will give them the idea that the owner is always looking for improvements. Also, the calorie counts and nutritional information can be added next to the food. These changes will encourage word of mouth, get people talking, and consequently visiting your business.<br /> By innovating the business, you are also attracting a new generation that will grow up visiting your establishment and thinking they belong there.


Digital Menu Boards are cost-effective because changes can be made as often as necessary without paying extra money for printing, so there are less money and paper spent.


Digital Menu Boards are versatile, and they can be continuously updated. Contents can be marketed to a specific demographic based on what the owners feel the commercial and economic trends are. Owners can easily promote new dishes, seasonal or weekly specials, upcoming events, etc.
Brand-It Media will provide the owner with templates, customed- tailored with the company colors, and a dashboard (control panel), so the owner can take control of the menu by changing prices and writing specials.
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