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Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising (DOOH) A marketing medium that can reach a captive audience who is waiting in a high foot-traffic area. LEARN MORE waiting room tv Waiting Room TV A digital TV system that will Inform patients with relevant content about your health care facility LEARN MORE
About Brand-it Media

Based in South Florida since 1998, our company specializes in digital signage, also known in the advertising industry as “Indoor TV Advertising”. Our system displays informative and promotional messages in strategic locations to specific consumers.

Digital out of home


High Exposure at an Affordable Cost
Is a form of advertising where video or multimedia content is shown through digital displays when people are "on the go" or waiting for services. We have a Dynamic Digital Our-of-home TV Network with multiple locations around South Florida, such as restaurants, gyms, bakeries, etc.
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Waiting TV Room


A Digital TV System for your Health Care Facility
Display relevant information about your health facility. Patients will be informed with exciting content about the services and products your health facility can offer and develop a doctor-patient relationship.
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Interactive screen stations


Touch screens that engage customers while charging their phones
Engage your customers with your products and services. Our Interactive Touch Screens are digital displays that will keep your customers interested in your products and services with a simple touch.<br /> Your customer can make a purchase, navigate through your website, and post a review on social media, etc. These kiosks come with cell phone charger compartments to provide an extra service to your customers.
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Menu board


A Digital TV System for your Restaurant
Catch your customer's attention by showing them tasty and delicious images of your dish specialties while making their purchase decision. Promote the buying of additional food items you want your customers to try by using dynamic graphics.
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Digital marketing


Leads generation & Followers growth
We look for the best tools in digital marketing and social media to suit your online advertising needs. We work on analyzing, planning, creating, and publishing the right content for your advertising campaign.
Website development


Marketing Optimized Website to help you increase sales
Thanks to our work team we were able to bring together the best of programming, arts and digital marketing to create websites that actually work, captivate the customers and encourage them to buy.
Do you feel that most of what you spend on advertising is a total waste?
WE HAVE THE SOLUTION: Digital Out-of-Home Advertising
Advertise in targeted high traffic locations throughout South Florida.  We use our network to display your marketing spots with the LOWEST COST PER IMPRESSION in the market, not only compared with TV, but with any other medium.
Get over 1,200 targeted ad spots per month. The high repetition creates awareness and assures a more successful campaign.
Choose the locations where you want to post your ads. Convey one or several messages to the appropriate audience.
You can reach an audience in a specific area or the specific group you wish to reach.
Consumers are 41% more receptive to advertising in public places than at home.
Our Team

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise and creative style providing a full-service solution to our clients.

Ricardo Barredo


Jose R. Barredo


Luis Hernandez

Programing Manager

Emir Gonzalez

Assistant Manager

Maria Mujica

Senior Publicist

Diana Chávez

Senior Digital Strategist

Maria Montiel

Senior Digital Content

Jesus Gordon

Maintenance and Tech support

Isol Rujano


Santiago Hidalgo

Software Development

Quimey Ruffa

Software Development

Pierina Cespedes

Graphic Designer

Gipsy Landaeta

Graphic Designer

Maydali Mesa

Graphic Designer

Elibeth Quiñones

Graphic Designer

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