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Interactive Screens Charging Stations
This elegant design kiosk is 6 feet high, and it is composed of a digital display and nine secured-keypad pin entry, cell phone charging compartments. Therefore, it captivates the audience while they charge their cell phones.
  • We create content with high-resolution images and videos according to your marketing needs so that you will captivate your audience.
  • At the same time, they charge their cell phones and increase your brand visibility.
  • It will lead to an unparalleled user experience, where not only will they have the possibility to charge their cell phones, but also access information of interest when using the interactive screen.
  • It can interact with web pages and applications, creating a relationship between the user and the represented brand.

Commercial establishments

Place Brand-It Media interactive screen in your establishment:

  • Improve Customer Service.
  • Attract more people to your commercial establishment.




  • Save money and advertise your business for a fraction of what it would cost in traditional media.
  • Get the results you expect when you advertise in Brand-It sophisticated stations, which will allow you to create relationships with your potential customers in high-foot traffic areas.
Interactive Screens Charging Stations
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