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Patient Retention Program

Our digital signage service for Medical centers is the perfect tool to communicate with your patients and staff.

Going to the doctor’s office can be a very stressful time, either because you’re not feeling well or you’re waiting for the result of a previous medical examination, and no matter how short the wait, the atmosphere in the waiting room positively or negatively influences the mood of those who are waiting. With BIMHealth, Brand-it media’s special service for medical centers, your patients will be able to spend their waiting time watching valuable information and entertaining content specially created for them.

Ease patient’s anxiety

Having TVs on your waiting room with engaging content is a great way of reducing waiting room anxiety for your patients and their companions.

Reduce perceived waiting time

By taking their mind off the appointment, digital Signage can reduce perceived wait time by up to 35%, giving your patient’s a better experience.


With our diverse and engaging content keeping your patients entertain is so much easier. Creating a positive environment in your waiting room.


From wellness tips to best practices, you can use digital signage to educate your patients so they can help take better care of themselves.


You can use your TV network to display multiple announcements, like anniversaries, community initiatives, and updates, and even help your patients know your practice and staff better.


This is the best way of letting your patients and community know about new services, products, and procedures, as well as promoting seasonal offers, events, and community outreach.

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