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Waiting Room TV

Entertain and Engage

Your patients are an essential part of your facility, so keeping them interested and up to date is the key to earn their trust.  Many times, doctors mistakenly believe that all their patients want to be well- informed about medicine, which is not necessarily true. Sometimes, patients come to the doctor’s appointment nervous and anxious, probably because they are waiting for a medical result or because just entering to see the doctor gives them stress.

Brand- It Media allows you not only to educate your patients but to entertain them with original programming specially picked for them.

As a result, your patients will perceive that their waiting time has reduced.

Display different announcements

Such as the celebration of a patient's birthday, recognition of an employee's achievement, and trivia facts, etc.
The TV will create a relationship that will make your patients feel welcomed, loved, and part of a family.

Control your competitor's advertisement

Some health facilities, try to simplify and make it easier for them to manage their budget, decide to have cable or traditional TV. It is a great way to entertain people, but they do not realize they are bringing their competitors to their health facility.
When you have control over your TV, you do not need to worry about your competitors. You can display your advertisement, promote your products and services, and pick from Brand-It Media video library, the programming you want your patients to watch. You have the power!

Easy Management

Brand-It Media system is easy to manage. You will have access to a dashboard where information can be added or taken out daily or as you wish.
You will have the advantage of selling products and promoting services related to your facility and making the changes that you need as easy as hitting a key.


You can have the opportunity to see, diagnose, and prescribe your patients remotely. Have follow-up visits; manage a chronic condition or a medication that does not require you to see your patients personally.
. Your patients will be happy to receive medical advice anytime or anywhere, without waiting for a long time, in the comfort of their house. Brand- It Media offers you a private server from the United States with a secured video and audio connection following the guidelines of HIPAA Compliant.
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